The Freelance Writer's Success Kit


The Freelance Writer's Success Kit is your shortcut to building (or growing) your freelance writing career (or side hustle). It contains all the tools, templates, workbooks and checklists I wish I'd had when I started freelancing, in one handy digital folder. Here's what's in the kit:

Living the Writer’s Life: Ten steps to launching a freelance writing business - A 25 page step-by-step guide to getting started with your freelance writing business. (PDF)

15 Days to Better Writing Skills – 15 easy daily lessons, each delivered as a one-page breakdown of a topic, with an exercise to help build your new skills. The exercises even help you produce writing samples you can submit or add to your portfolio. (PDF)

A pack of 10 sample articles you can use to practice your rewriting and editing skills. (plain text documents for easy editing)

Resources for Writers – A list of the tools that I (and other freelance writers in my network) use to run a successful freelance writing business. (PDF)

Content Planning Worksheet - An editable, printable one page worksheet to help you plan out 3 articles at a time. (editable Word document)

Headline Template File – A list of (well) over a hundred attention grabbing headline templates that can be adapted to any niche or topic (editable Word document so you can add your own ideas)

Credible Sources Cheat Sheet - A 2-page list with live links to credible source websites for stats, facts and quotes for your articles. (PDF)

Fact Checking Tip Sheet – A 2-page printable list of facts to double check in your articles. (PDF)

Proofreading Checklist – A 3 page checklist to keep to hand when proofreading every article. (PDF)

Sample Query Letter – A 1-page template you can adapt for query letters to online markets and offline publications. (PDF)

Design and plan your client attracting website – A 21 page printable guide book/workbook with exercises to help you plan out and design a writer’s website that helps you get clients, even while you sleep. (PDF)

Freelance Writing Markets That Pay Writers - A 14 page list of markets that have the budget, and a system in place, to pay freelancers a fair rate (PDF)

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The Freelance Writer's Success Kit

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